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85It's all so logical, you were so physicalYou still don't believe the beau, it's so familiarIt's so easy for him this time, he's crossing on the lineWith just one answer I'd blow him awaySo how's the weather boyYou look so cold thereThey walk right through you nowYou need some fresh airSome try the energiesThey got some machoDon't cut on me this timeCuz I don't wanna nutsoCHORUSWhere will you be in '85What will you be if you're still aliveWhat will you be, you won't see meWhere will you be, in '85Starlight and satiation's dry, new complications flySo real to be with you, don't' need your numberI was expected to, you were directed toLet's just imagine it's time-outI always said that you could be some fashionI always wanted you to take some actionFor when I think of it and what you do thereI wish that I could change the timeAnd let you change some

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