Testo Swingin' Door di Beth Cayhall

Blonde Behind The Wheel ()

You got your texas way of walkin'
you got your sexy way of talkin'
and i let you get all under my skin
now your welcome has been raw-finned
so next time you go, don't come back again
and your train don't stop here anymore
i ain't your guest stop rest stop swingin' door
you can't just walk in walk out
like so many times before
i ain't your swingin' door
i ain't your swingin' doooor
you got a girl in every gal town
you think i don't know how you cat around
and i let you get all up in my garden
to me i oughta figure you out
but i've got you figured all out now
And your train don't stop here anymore
i ain't your quick stop walk out open 24
you cant just drop in drop out
treat me like your candy stooooore
I ain't your swingin' doooooor

cantata da , inserita il 2018-05-15

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